Crete as a place combines some very specific potentialities due to its natural characteristics. It is a place composed by sea, high mountains, long beaches, small villages, big towns, rare species of plants and animals, and lots of different colours, sounds and smells. Crete’s physical environment creates a very interesting context for every healing work. The sunny days of the south create warmness and expand the feeling of space. The high mountains of the north create secret places and cultivate the inner dialogue. The alternation of the seasons, the calm or heavy sea, the blue or dark cloudy sky, create a cyclic dialogue between people and nature.

The landscape of Crete is not just a place to be! Mostly is a “speaking” one! Is place to interact! You can jump in to the sea all year round! You can climb up in high mountains and walk through picturesque gorges.  You can feel the whisper of the wind and the heat of the sun! You can eat everything that springs up from earth! All these have been always been great reminders that we have a body to use. We have a body as our vehicle to travel to all this land!

Combine massage therapy with the landscape of Crete. A landscape that always welcomes and nourish the body!