I use a combination of different massage techniques depending on the receiver’s body type. My work focus on the tension of the muscles and fascia, on breathing and body posture, as well as on the emotions of the receiver. I am influenced by different techniques such as Feldenkrais, Meziere, Bioenergetics analysis and Bodynamic analysis. In my practice I use the principles of somatic psychotherapy inviting both body and mind in the sessions.

From my perspective one must feel comfortable in his own body. Our bodies are made and evolved to make us feel comfortable! My primal focus is on fascia and joints. Both are very important structures for the function of our body.

Fascia is a connective tissue rich in collagen that at the same time connects, stabilizes, encloses and separates the muscles and all internal organs. It is a tissue that holds everything in place like a protecting net. When fascia is healthy, it’s soft and flexible giving to our movements a sense of freedom.

Our joints are the functional basis of our muscles. The contraction and relaxation of each skeletal muscle, is always associated with the function of a joint, without which, the muscle would not have reason to exist. From a structural perspective, our joint’s importance is to provide both flexibility and support in our skeletal system. When fascia and joints work effectively, our body enjoys the maximum of flexibility and support that can be achieved which in turn has very positive impact on our thoughts and feelings.

I focus in body awareness from the perspective of gravity. When you can properly experience gravity with each single muscle, you achieve to live here and now. Furthermore, one of the greatest characteristics of the human being is the ability to transform ourselves. Recognizing and accepting our own weight is a great beginning in the path of self-transformation.

In my practice I focus in two directions and two levels. The first direction is relaxation that is approached by soft strokes and attention focusing on contact. The second direction is deeper and is approached with more intense strokes and attention focusing on the connection.

In relation to levels, the first concerns our “material body” and especially the fascia, joints and muscles. The second concerns our “emotional body” and especially the individual hues of each receiver which are approached through the breathing. Through specific strokes, we follow the route: awareness/ let go/ relaxing, bringing to the here and now what our body experiences. In that way we manage to relax and at the same time we learn the way to do it.

The general goal is to recognize our material and our emotional body and through their connections to experience their unity.

Dionysios Fragkiadakis